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In What Area of Austin, Texas Should
UNIQUEitties Base Their New Business?

A Location Research Report
Tonya Reese

    It is very difficult to find the best location for a new business.  There are many aspects you must take into consideration when finding the right area of town; such as, zoning, income levels, population, and competitor stores.  The best way to compare all of this data is to incorporate it into a Geographic Information System (GIS).  I collected data from various sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and the City of Austin.  Once all of these layers were put together I was able to identify areas of town with a group of people that UNIQUEitties caters to, that has commercial property zoning, and the locations of competitor stores.

Table of Contents




with Recommendations and Limitations


Tables and Figures

Map 1
counties, zips, streets, competitor stores

Map 2
close-up of location of one competitor store

Map 3
zoning with competitor stores - full scale

Map 4
zoning with competitor stores - larger scale

Map 5
zoning with competitor stores - larges scale with street names

Map 6
census tracts

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