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  After starting a new business the next step is deciding where to locate that business.  Location is very crucial in the survival of a store.  You must be sure that you are in an area of town that your company caters to, an area that has commercially zoned lots.  It is also helpful to know where your competitors are.  One thing to remember about your competitors is they have already established themselves in the community.  If they are able to survive in that area of town, then it is most likely that you will be too.  Many people like to have a choice.  If there is another similar store close by, then the customer would most likely visit both for a comparison in value and services offered.  New businesses have to work on establishing themselves and location is a critical element in doing so.  The questions I needed to consider were:

    Using data that I downloaded from various sources on the internet I was able to create a GIS in ArcView with multiple layers showing these areas of town.  I was then able to pinpoint those places that would best serve the new business of UNIQUEitties.

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